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Thomas Clay I was the son of Charles Clay II and Sarah (Unk). It is believed he was born in Amelia County, before 1745, possibly as early as 1736 because he is shown in the Amelia Co, Virginia Tax List 1736-64 pg 34-5.
About 1762 Thomas Clay I married Anna Powell, the daughter of John Powell and Mary (unk(. She was born May 23, 1728 in Bristol Parish. Her birth is recorded in Bristol Parish Register of Henrico, Dinwiddie and Prince George Counties 1720-1798
In March 1740 his father bought 604 acres on Deep Creek in Amelia County Patent Book 19 pgs. 573-74. Thomas and his brothers managed this land for their father, until May 5, 1752 when Charles Clay II gave each son, which included Thomas one hundred fifty acres. Amelia County Deed Book 4 1750-54 pgs. 353, 357, 372.
On February 4, 1775 Thomas bought 543 acres of land in Amelia County from John Applin, which had been patented by Wood Jones. In November 1776 Thomas sold 400 acres on both sides of Barebone Branch to Joseph Woodson. This land was purchased from John Marshall of Mecklenburg County on September 1772. Unrecorded Deeds and Other Documents Amelia County, Virginia 1750-1902 pg 84.
At the time Virginia exempted ministers who declared their fidelity to the state from military service. Amelia County refused to license Thomas Clay as a Minister's in September 1777, even though he claimed the Baptist Church in Dinwiddie County had already ordained him. Still the Amelia County Court was not satisfied, Amelia County Court Order Book 13 pg 41. He must have satisfied their concerns because he took his Oath of Fidelity the following month, Amelia County Court Order Book 13 pg 45.
Amelia County also listed Thomas as head of household with six whites in 1782, Heads of Families at First Census 1790 pg and col 13B The same year Thomas paid taxes on 7 Negroes more than 12 years of age, 17 cattle and 5 horses in Dinwiddie County Personal Property List Dinwiddie County 1782 pg 37.
Thomas Clay's will was dated December 14, 1789, he died before October 27, 1791 when his will was recorded in Amelia County.
Possible and Proven Children of Thomas Clay and Anna Powell:
Solomon Clay: Caleb Clay: Shadrach Clay: David Clay:
(David?) Moore Clay: Thomas Clay Sr: Rhoda Clay: Dicey Clay: Sallie Clay:

Thomas Clay Sr. the son of Thomas Clay I and Anna Powell, was born in Amelia County, Virginia around 1760, and later moved to Halifax County. It is thought he married Anne Clay the daughter of Charles Clay III. Documents concerning her are very scarce, and researchers often refer to her as Nancy Anne. This makes it unclear if Nancy Ann or just Anne is the correct name. A reference to Charles Clay III's daughter who married a Clay,(no given name) was made in the Clay Family: First Part; Mother of Henry Clay; pg. 74. If this is so then Thomas Clay Sr the grandson of Charles Clay II and nephew of Charles Clay III who was the father of Nancy Anne Clay was the son of Charles Clay II . All descending from Dr. Charles Clay I and Hannah Wilson.
Thomas Clay Sr a Revolutionary War Soldier served four terms in the Revolutionary War, Pension Application S-9319. His military service records say he was born November 1760, in Amelia County, Virginia, other documents give his year of death after 1843. Selected Final Pension Payment Vouchers (Pierce) pg 112 gives his death as 1848. Judith 'Lucas' Hudson's DAR Application gives his death date as February 3, 1848. Anne Clay was born about 1762 probably in Amelia County and is believed to have died before 1842 in Halifax County, Virginia.
Thomas and (Nancy) Anne were probably married before 1790 in Halifax County, Virginia, and were the parents of at least four known children. Their daughter Martha Clay made her Last Will and Testament on January 24, 1842 and witnessed by; Joel Tucker. Robert Tucker and last signature looks like Polley (?) names as her brothers
Thomas Clay Jr, William Clay, and John Clay. It mentions Thomas Clay's children but not by name. It mention William's son Thomas by name and mentions John's children , but not by name. This information is also shown in Abstract of Probate Records, Monroe County, Indiana 1818-1872, pgs. 35/36 and the names of her brother Thomas Clay Jr's children are listed .
Other possible children were; Christina and Dorothy A.

Thomas Clay Jr. the son of Thomas Clay Sr. and Anne Clay was born about 1790 in Halifax County, Virginia and died December 16, 1872 in Monroe County, Indiana. On November 30, 1812 he married Susannah/Susan Smart (*from this point Susannah will only be shown as Susan*).
The daughter of William Smart and Elizabeth Parrot in Halifax County, Virginia. Thomas & Susan's Marriage Bond, which shows both Thomas Clay Sr. and Thomas Clay Jr. [X mark]'s, the Last Will and Testament of Elizabeth 'Parrott' Smart and land purchases and court records of William Smart. Susannah/Susan Smart was born about 1790/2 in Halifax County and died on April 4, 1857 in Monroe County, Indiana. Susan's Headstone
Thomas and Susan are buried in the Methodist-Episcopal Cemetery in Richland Township, Ellettsville, Indiana. Buried near Thomas and Susan are daughters Amy Clay who died in 1920 and Elizabeth who died before 1870. Although Elizabeth's headstone has been damaged it appears she was about 32/33 years old when she died. Also buried next to Susan is Polly Smart. Her stone says she was the daughter of Wm & E. Smart, this would make her the sister of Susan. Polly is somewhat of a mystery because the only record I have been able to find was the 1860 US Census, Monroe County, Bean Blossom Township, which borders Richland Township in Monroe County. She was 72 years old, born in Virgina, and living in the home of Hubbard Sharp. Her relationship to this family is unknown and she did not appear in any other Monroe County documents that I could find.
It is uncertain exactly when the Clay Families arrived in Monroe County, but a John Clay was in the county in the 1830 US census. In the 1840 census, only Thomas Clay and William Clay were shown in Monroe County. There were eight members in Thomas's family including Thomas, and three in William's including William, and had Total Number of All Persons, which included Free White, Free Colored, and Slaves. There were three Clay households in 1850 US Census Monroe County, Camullus/Cornelius Clay, Archibald Clay, and William Clay, all children of Thomas and Susan. Thomas and Susan Clay were not shown in this census. However, if they had been out of Monroe County during the 1850 census taking they did return before April 1857 which is when Susan's death occured.
Thomas Clay reappeared in the 1860 US census in Richland Township, Monroe County, Indiana. He was shown as Head of household age 67 and a Widower. His birth year was shown as 1793 in Virginia. Thomas' two daughters Elizabeth J. age 28 and Amy age 22 were living with him. Thomas Clay's brother, William Clay age 68 was living in the home of his son, Thomas J. Clay and his wife Angeline. His birth year was shown as 1792 in Virginia.
In the book Abstracts of Probate Records, Monroe County, Indiana 1818-1872, pgs. 35/36 published by the Monroe County ,Indiana Historical Society; Box 9-10 (Box 12, Box 9 File 3)It says Thomas Clay Heirs; Mat Clay; Guardian; Filed August 15, 1844.
"Mat, Cornelius, Archibald, William, Harriet, Elizabeth Jane, Benjamin Thomas Clay, Amy Loftin Clay
who produced Thomas Clay their father... ...that Martha Clay of Virginia has departed this life; that said persons above
named are his (Thomas) children and that said Martha Clay is his sister. That Thomas Clay also produced in court is the son of William Clay who is the brother of said Martha Clay." Benjamin T. and Elizabeth J. signed receipt naming their aunt Martha.
Mat, Archibald and Cornelius were held and firmly bound to the State of Indiana for the sum of $1,000.00 as bond so that Mat
was appointed guardian of Benjamin Thomas Clay and Amy Loftin Clay minor heirs of Thomas Clay and is also chosen guardian by
Thomas Clay and Harriet Clay, Henry Clay, Elizabeth Jane Clay minor heirs over the age of 14 years." Thomas and Harriet arrived
at the age of majority before November 17, 1848; Elizabeth J. arrived at the age of majority before October 27, 1854 and Benjamin had arrived at the age of majority before January 27, 1855

Some of the information can be confusing, but knowing that William Clay was the brother of Thomas Clay and the now deceased Martha Clay and that William Clay and his wife Judith Smart had only one child Thomas Jefferson Clay seemed to document that the Thomas Clay produced in court was in fact William's son. The rest are the children of Thomas Clay Jr. and Susan "Smart" Clay.
Thomas Clay Jr was also noted in War of 1812 Virginia Bounty Land and Pension Applicants By; Patrick G Wardell. Which documents the participation of Thomas Clay Jr. in the War of 1812.